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Libya's Latitude

Area Studies between 20° - 33° N and 10° - 25° E

In 2005 a group of researchers from the Department of Geography at the University of Freiburg started to establish a lively exchange with several partners in Libya, especially with the Centre for National Archives and Historical Studies in Tripoli.

On "Libya's Latitude" we will inform about our current activities and present our actual projects and trends. Our main attention will be focused on the bilateral exchange of researchers and students, as well as on the implementation of joint ventures concerning area studies on Libya.

Our main goal is to establish a sustainable and durable cross-cultural dialogue with the country between 20° and 33° N, based on corporate scientific work and thus leading to better understanding.

We hope this co-operation will help to support a new Libya giving the people considerable latitude in how they arrange their way of life.

Since most of our information is in German we would like to ask our guests to visit the German variant of "Libya's Latitude" which can be seen here. We would like to apologize for the inconvenience.